Oshikoto Education Directorate Calls for Repurposing of Closed Schools for Community Development

Oshikoto Region – The Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture in the Oshikoto Region is advocating for the use of closed school facilities for community development projects, targeting regional councillors and other local leaders to take initiative.

According to Namibia Press Agency, in a recent interview with Nampa, the region has seven schools that have been shuttered due to dwindling enrollment numbers, with each hosting fewer than 100 students between 2012 and 2021. Kalimbo expressed the directorate’s desire to see these facilities repurposed. “We request regional councillors to utilize the buildings at the schools that were closed down for any developmental projects,” he stated.

Kalimbo emphasized the importance of these unused buildings not going to waste and mentioned that the directorate is encouraging regional councillors to use the facilities, ensuring no teaching and learning space remains idle. He also outlined the necessity for proper procedures to be followed when repurposing these buildings. “We also want to encourage our councillors to follow the right procedures when they want to use these buildings,” he added.

Moreover, the directorate is opening doors for the business community and non-governmental organizations interested in renting the infrastructure. “We invite everyone that can utilize the school infrastructure to come to our office so that we can give them permission to do so,” Kalimbo encouraged.

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