European Press Reacts to French Legislative Elections: Uncertainty and Concern Over Government Formation

Paris — Following the recent legislative elections in France, the European press expressed concern over the potential difficulties in forming a government, citing the fragmented results that left no clear majority. Despite relief that the far-right was prevented from gaining power, there is widespread apprehension about political stability in France and its implications for Europe.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the results of the elections have put France, the European Union’s second largest economy, in a precarious position regarding government formation. “Macron is still president until 2027 – but we do not know who will lead the government,” the newspaper reported, reflecting a common sentiment across various European publications. The conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung analyzed the situation as heading into an unstable period with potential fragile governmental coalitions that could collapse at any time.

In Spain, El Pais celebrated the effectiveness of the left and Macron’s alliance in blocking Marine Le Pen’s ultra-right party, while the conservative ABC noted that although the Popular Front won, it poses additional challenges for President Macron. Similarly, in the UK, where a recent election saw Labour gaining power, newspapers like The Times highlighted the “political chaos” in France, with voters unclear about who actually governs the country.

The Financial Times discussed the broader implications of this uncertainty for both France and the EU, given France’s significant role in European politics alongside Germany. On a different note, The Mirror focused on the National Rally’s third-place finish, interpreting it as France averting a “catastrophe” by preventing a takeover by the far-right.

Swedish newspapers like Dagens Nyheter foresee “paralysis” in France due to opposition from almost all parties to Macron’s proposed reforms, and Svenska Dagbladet expressed a global sigh of relief at avoiding potential chaos with the National Rally in power, especially regarding its stance on Ukraine and Russia.

In Italy, the reaction was mixed, with Il Corriere della Sera pointing out the unexpected high voter turnout and concerns about the “uncertainties surrounding the birth of a government majority.” La Stampa and Il Messaggero highlighted the chaos and lack of majority needed to form a stable government.

The press across Europe remains focused on the evolving political landscape in France, indicating significant concern for both national and European stability following these uncertain election results.

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