Niger Initiates Agricultural Site Rehabilitation to Boost Food Sovereignty on Nigerian Border

DIFFA — In a significant move towards achieving food sovereignty, Niger has commenced the rehabilitation of key agricultural sites along its border with Nigeria. The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Colonel Mahamane Elhadj Ousmane, spearheaded the initiative by launching the restoration efforts of the Lada hydro-agricultural developments and the Agricultural Development Center (CDA) in Diffa.

According to Burkina Information Agency, this initiative underscores Niger’s commitment to enhancing its agricultural productivity and independence. Colonel Ousmane, in his address at the event, emphasized the nation’s priority to secure food sovereignty, especially in light of recent challenges. The project aims to markedly increase the production of rice and wheat, with anticipated yields growing from 307 to 3,328 tonnes for rice and from 68 to 360 tonnes for wheat. Additionally, the endeavor is expected to create thousands of job opportunities, generating 5,672 direct and 6,440 indirect employments.

Funding for this extensive rehabilitation, as detailed by ANP, will derive from the national budget and the Solidarity Fund for the Safeguarding of the Homeland (FSSP), amassing over two billion CFA. The focus will primarily be on enhancing irrigation infrastructure and implementing flood protection measures along the Komadougou River, which is linked to Lake Chad.

The minister also highlighted the broader implications of this project, aligning it with Niger’s dedication to asserting its sovereignty, akin to neighboring Burkina Faso and Mali. The initiative represents a strategic step in diversifying agricultural production, promoting regional production capabilities, and honoring cultural and ethnic values. The ANP reported that Colonel Ousmane has issued strict directives to ensure the rehabilitation work is executed to the highest standards, reinforcing the government’s resolve in advancing Niger’s food self-sufficiency.

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