Mombasa Inaugurates First International Quran Recitation Contest During Ramadhan

MOMBASA – The coastal city of Mombasa recently hosted its inaugural international Quran recitation competition, an event designed to coincide with the holy month of Ramadhan, engaging the Muslim community in a profound religious experience.

According to Kenya News Agency, the competition aimed to enhance the understanding and recitation of the Quran, offering substantial rewards, including a top prize of Sh2.2 million.

The event, which marked a significant religious gathering in the region, attracted participants from various countries, showcasing their recitation skills and deepening their spiritual engagement during Ramadhan. With representatives from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Somalia, the competition drew a diverse audience, emphasizing the unifying nature of the Quranic recitation.

Governor Nassir underscored the competition’s broader objectives, which extend beyond mere recitation to foster a deeper comprehension of the Quran among the youth and the broader Muslim populace. The initiative reflects Mombasa’s commitment to leveraging cultural and religious activities for community development and social cohesion.

The contest saw 19 finalists from over a hundred applicants, underscoring its competitive and international stature. The grand finale, held at the Muslim Serani grounds, highlighted exceptional talents in Quran recitation and memorization, particularly among young Muslims, illustrating the sacred text’s central role in their faith and daily lives.

Dignitaries including Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale, Mombasa Senator Mohamed Faki, Chief Kadhi Sheikh Abdulhalim Hussein Athman, and renowned Islamic scholar Sheikh Bilal Philips attended the event, witnessing the participants’ dedication and expertise. Duale praised the competition for fostering Quranic appreciation and literacy, especially among youth, and noted its significance in promoting Kenya’s religious and cultural diplomacy.

The event not only celebrated Quranic scholarship but also aimed to inspire acts of kindness and community service, resonating with Ramadhan’s spirit of generosity and reflection. The competition, anticipated to become an annual fixture, reinforces the region’s commitment to religious education and moral guidance, offering a platform for young Muslims to connect with their heritage and the global Islamic community.

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