MOJED Launches National Patriotism Week Amidst Burkina Faso’s Security Crisis

Ouagadougou — The Youth Movement Committed to Development (MOJED) has inaugurated the National Week of Patriotism (SENAP) in Ouagadougou, aimed at fostering a sense of national pride among the youth of Burkina Faso.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the coordinator of CNP-SENAP, the event, themed “Patriotism: a factor of resilience in the face of insecurity in Burkina Faso,” is scheduled to run from November 6 to November 12, 2023. The initiative arrives as a response to the incumbent government’s efforts in establishing a foundation of patriotism that the MOJED seeks to uphold and nurture within the youth community.

The week-long event will encompass an array of activities including a ceremonial opening, a dedicated day for students to express their patriotism, initiatives for the reintegration of internally displaced persons (IDPs), and various other activities aimed at engaging the youth.

Mr. Ouédraogo emphasized the significance of SENAP’s establishment, which directly correlates with the current security challenges that Burkina Faso is confronting. He mentioned that the inception of SENAP is particularly aligned with the nation’s need to bolster its internal security framework.

For this inaugural edition, the MOJED anticipates engaging over 5,000 individuals with a planned budget of 18 million 477,500 Francs CFA. The project spans a six-month period from November 6, 2023, to April 6, 2024, with ambitions that extend to promoting local consumption, enhancing social cohesion, and fostering a collective Burkinabe identity. The initiative also seeks to contribute to the peace restoration efforts within the country.

The overarching goal of SENAP is to encourage the values of patriotism, integrity, and responsible citizenship among the Burkinabe youth. MOJED, recognized as a proactive civil society movement, was established with a mission to contribute to Burkina Faso’s socio-economic advancement in a unified and stable environment.