Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ statement to journalists following his meeting with UN Secretary-General António Guterres (New York, 16.03.2023)

Today I had the opportunity to meet once again with the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Guterres. The official purpose of my visit to the Secretary-General was to announce the Greek candidacy for the United Nations Security Council for the 2025-26 term. As you are aware, I will be presenting our candidacy at an event here in New York this afternoon.

Aside from that, however, we had the opportunity to discuss a wider range of issues: first of all, as always, the Cyprus issue, and the possibility of a new initiative following the election of Nikos Christodoulides to the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus. But also, the situation in Ukraine, the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as a number of issues relating to environmental protection, the protection of women’s rights, and many other issues.

I believe this was a positive meeting.

JOURNALIST: Minister, did the Secretary-General say anything to you about the appointment of a Special Envoy?

N. DENDIAS: First of all, Ms. Rosemary DiCarlo is currently in the Republic of Cyprus – I don’t know if she has departed within the previous few hours. The Secretary-General awaits her report before consulting on the next course of action. Again, what Greece is doing is encouraging the Secretary-General to make further efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue, always within the framework of the UN Security Council Resolutions. This is our role.

JOURNALIST: What did the Secretary-General tell you about Greece’s application for a seat on the Security Council?

N. DENDIAS: The Secretary-General welcomed the brochure and our candidacy. Of course, he could not take a position on it. Yet, to be honest, he didn’t seem dissatisfied.