Government Delegation Visits Koudougou and Tenado Military Units to Boost Morale

KOUDOUGOU — In a significant show of support, a high-profile government delegation, including Minister of State, Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs General Kassoum Coulibaly, visited the Airborne Intervention Battalion (BIA) in Koudougou and the mixed detachment in Tenado. The visit aimed to motivate personnel in these crucial military units facing substantial security challenges.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the delegation’s journey to the Central West region was intended to bolster the spirits of the armed forces there. This morale-boosting visit came shortly after Brigadier General Célestin Simporé, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, conducted an operational tour in the Eastern region, highlighting the government’s concerted efforts to address security concerns across the nation. The visits underline the administration’s commitment to supporting its military personnel amidst ongoing regional security threats.

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