Gayéri Residents Commend 20th Rapid Intervention Battalion for Counterterrorism Efforts

GAYÉRI – The residents of Gayéri, located in the Komondjari province, gathered en masse on Saturday to express their gratitude towards the 20th Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) for their effective counterterrorism actions in the region.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the local community acknowledged the battalion’s significant contributions to reclaiming territorial control and combating terrorist factions within the province.

During the event on March 30, 2024, the townspeople of Gayéri praised the 20th BIR for their successful operations that led to the dismantling of major terrorist bases, enhancing the security and stability of the province. Additionally, they highlighted the improvements in local infrastructure, including the restoration of electricity and running water, and the organization of supply convoys to various villages, as key achievements facilitated by the military presence.

In this context of appreciation, the provincial civic leaders presented four primary requests to the 20th BIR commander, reflecting the community’s ongoing needs and aspirations for security and development. These requests encompassed the recruitment of 1,000 volunteers for homeland defense, the establishment of a new military outpost in Bartiébougou, urgent repairs to the Gayéri dam before the rainy season, and the provision of food supplies during convoy operations.

The general secretary of the Komondjari Forces concluded the gathering by wishing success to the 20th BIR and all security forces engaged in the mission to secure and develop the province. He expressed optimism that the raised concerns would be promptly addressed, reinforcing the collaborative spirit between the military and the local population in working towards a peaceful and prosperous Komondjari.

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