Divisional Commissioner Voubi Ziba Appointed as Regional Director of National Police in Cascades

BANFORA – In a formal ceremony held on Friday, May 10, 2024, Divisional Police Commissioner Voubi Ziba was officially appointed as the new Regional Director of the Cascades National Police. The event was presided over by Toussaint Méda, Secretary General of the Cascades region, and witnessed by Ardjouma Karama, representing the Director General of the National Police.

According to Burkina Information Agency, Ziba’s appointment brings a new leadership to the region, which is known for its relatively calm social climate. “Your role will be crucial in joining forces with other military and paramilitary groups to sustain peace and order in the region,” Méda advised the new director. He also emphasized the region’s expectation for Ziba to collaborate effectively with other commanders to maintain security and stability. Ziba, in his acceptance speech, committed to uphold the region’s security goals vehemently. “Our resolve to prevent any disruption to our nation’s peace is firm, and it will guide our operations daily,” he asserted. Méda also took the opportunity to commend the outgoing regional director, Marc Dakuyo, for his effective leadership and coordination with the Cascades’ security forces during his tenure.