CS Duale Advocates for Religious Harmony at Mombasa Quran Competition

MOMBASA – In a notable gathering at the Serani Sports Ground for the Mombasa International Grand Quran Competition, Cabinet Secretary for Defence Aden Duale expressed the Kenyan government’s dedication to fostering religious tolerance and highlighted the administration’s recognition of religious diversity.

According to Kenya News Agency, who spoke during the event organized by the Mombasa County Government, the initiative underscores President Ruto’s respect for various religious convictions. The competition attracted not only local leaders, including Principal Secretary for Transport Mohamed Daghar and several MPs and a senator, but also esteemed Muslim scholars from around the world, thereby reinforcing the message of unity and mutual respect among different faiths.

During his address, Duale reflected on his advocacy efforts for Muslim rights in Kenya over the past fifteen years, celebrating the current government’s inclusive approach to religion. He stressed the significance of balanced education, urging parents to invest in both secular and religious learning for their children, emphasizing the Quran’s role in fostering ethical values and national progress.

The Mombasa International Grand Quran Competition, which intends to be an annual Ramadan event under Governor Nassir’s administration, saw participation from over 115 contenders across East Africa and beyond, focusing on Quranic memorization. The event not only highlighted religious education but also promoted intercultural dialogue, with the finals featuring 22 individuals who excelled in memorizing the Quran.

Kabito Abdulkarim from Somalia received the top honor, winning a substantial cash prize, while Kenya’s Hanif Abdi was honored as the runner-up. Through such recognition and rewards, the event celebrated the dedication of the youth to religious study and aimed to inspire broader community engagement in interfaith understanding and cooperation.

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