Cascades Region Demonstrates Strong Support for Burkina Faso’s Political Transition

NIANGOLOKO, Burkina Faso — On May 11, 2024, civil society organizations from the Cascades region rallied in Niangoloko, a border town adjacent to Ivory Coast, to express their robust support for the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the President of Burkina Faso’s Transition. Participants converged in the town hall square, where community leaders voiced their commitment to the ongoing political transition.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the event’s godfather and General Director of the Comptoir Burkinabé des Chargeurs, the rally highlighted the significant local and national support for the transitional government’s efforts. The demonstrators, carrying placards in support of the transition, were led by notable figures including the land chief of Niangoloko, Safimba Héma, representatives for women and youth, Elizabeth Héma and Abdoul Karim Karama respectively, and Benjamin Ziré, the provincial coordinator of citizen monitoring for Comoé.

Dr. Traoré outlined the transitional government’s successes, specifically mentioning “Operation Hurricane,” a military initiative that has reclaimed areas previously under hostile control. He emphasized the importance of the transition in reinforcing national identity and sovereignty.

Benjamin Ziré spoke strongly against external influence and any attempts to undermine Burkina Faso’s autonomy, stating the commitment of his organization to oppose any such interference. He highlighted the collective resolve to shape the nation’s future through courage, determination, and solidarity.