Burkina Faso Army Destroys Major Terrorist Base in Kongloré, Numerous Terrorists Killed

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – Following an attack on a VDP position in Kangloré, near Ouargaye, the Burkinabè army conducted intensive operations against a significant terrorist base in the area. The operation resulted in the elimination of numerous terrorists and the recovery of important logistics.

According to Burkina Information Agency, after initial successes in neutralizing around ten terrorists, the Burkinabè armed forces’ aerial surveillance discovered a large terrorist base in Kongloré. The base was reportedly teeming with hundreds of terrorists on foot and motorbikes. The armed forces then launched intense airstrikes, leading to significant destruction of the terrorist stronghold and their logistics.

The operation continued as survivors attempted to escape and hide under a large tree. However, they were eliminated by a missile strike from the fighter planes. Other terrorists attempting to flee on motorbikes were also struck down.

Ground troops subsequently engaged in a thorough search and clean-up operation at the base. They successfully recovered dozens of motorcycles and weapons in good condition. Other materials, including drugs found at the site, were burned.

This decisive action by the Burkinabè army marks a significant blow to terrorist activities in the region and demonstrates the military’s ongoing efforts to combat terrorism and ensure security in Burkina Faso.