Bogandé Holds Session to Adopt Initial Budget for 2024

Bogandé, Burkina Faso – The special municipal delegation of Bogandé convened on November 9 and 10, 2023, for its ordinary session, focusing on the adoption of the initial budget for the 2024 fiscal year. The session was presided over by PDS Taugolo PARE and held in the town hall of Bogandé.

According to Burkina Information Agency, members of the special municipal delegation reviewed various budgetary documents before unanimously voting on the initial budget for 2024. The approved budget amounts to 353 million 687 thousand 627 CFA francs in revenue and expenditure. This includes 189 million 531 thousand 827 CFA francs for the operating section and 185 million 312 thousand 053 CFA francs for the investment section.

The session also involved deliberations on several key issues, including setting the discount rate for the sale of municipal stamps, modifying budgetary forecasts, and establishing several committees. These committees comprise a Self-assessment Monitoring Committee for the Municipality’s Performance Measures, a Management Committee for Upkeep and Maintenance (GEM), a Social Project Management Unit (MOS), and the adoption of the initial budget for 2024.

PDS Taugoulo PARE used this occasion to motivate members of the special delegation, town hall department heads, and community partners to achieve greater results in municipal development. The session began with a minute of silence in remembrance of former mayor Max Adolphe Lankoandé, who passed away in October, and the four VDP members who fell on November 7.