Berseba Governor Promotes Goat Farming at Local Expo, Cites Adaptability in Drought Conditions

BERSEBA: In a recent address at the 4th edition of the Berseba Goat Expo 2023, Aletha Frederick, the governor of Kharas, has highlighted the advantages of farming with goats, particularly in regions facing harsh environmental conditions. The expo, themed ‘Rebuilding for tomorrow’, was held in Berseba and drew attention to the resilience and adaptability of goats in drought-prone areas.

According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), goats are highly adaptable and resilient animals, making them a valuable asset for farmers dealing with drought and limited resources. Frederick emphasized that the ability of goats to thrive in harsh environments contributes to their significance in promoting sustainable agriculture and ensuring food security. She noted their efficient utilization of scarce water resources and lower water requirements compared to other livestock due to their physiological adaptations.

Frederick further elaborated on the economic benefits of goat farming. She stated that goats have higher feed conversion efficiency, allowing them to convert low-quality forage into high-quality products like milk, meat, and fiber. This efficiency makes them a viable option for farmers in regions like Kharas, where water scarcity is a significant challenge. Additionally, goats’ remarkable reproductive capacity and the ability to provide multiple income streams make them a sustainable choice for livestock farming.

The Berseba Goat Expo serves not only as a showcase for local products but also as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and capacity building within the agricultural sector. Frederick expressed hope that the expo would encourage sustainable agricultural practices and empower farmers to contribute to the economy’s growth.

Jeremias Goeieman, the Berseba constituency councillor, also highlighted the expo’s role in providing a venue for local farmers to exhibit their livestock and arts and crafts. He noted the event’s importance in creating economic opportunities for small and medium enterprises in the village and surrounding areas.