Archbishop of Ouagadougou Advocates for Faith Amid National Challenges

OUAGADOUGOU — Amidst the Easter celebrations, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Ouagadougou, Monsignor Prosper Kontiébo, delivered a powerful message of hope and resilience to the Catholic faithful. Addressing congregants during the Easter vigil at the Ouagadougou Cathedral, the Archbishop encouraged believers to maintain their trust in divine guidance through the country’s tumultuous times.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the current adversities faced by Burkina Faso call for a renewed faith in God’s providential care. He reminded the faithful that, despite the prevalence of suffering, the Christian narrative affirms that God remains present and active, ultimately ensuring that good prevails over evil. The Easter celebration, symbolizing Christ’s victory over death, was highlighted as a testament to this enduring hope and divine fidelity.

Furthermore, the Archbishop emphasized the role of Christians as proponents of Christ’s teachings, advocating for a life aligned with the values of truth, light, and love. By embodying these virtues, the faithful are called to be beacons of hope and agents of peace within their communities, reflecting the transformative power of the Easter message.

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