Angola’s Key Role in Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Africa Highlighted

Luanda – Angola’s growing prominence in conflict prevention, management, and resolution in Africa, particularly in the Great Lakes Region and other areas, has been increasingly recognized in recent years. This recognition stems from the country’s experience in peacebuilding and national reconciliation efforts.

According to Angola Press News Agency, As reported by Valentim de Carvalho, ANGOP’s journalist, Angola, under its presidency of the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), has undertaken significant diplomatic initiatives. These include efforts towards lasting peace in Mozambique and political stability in the Central African Republic (CAR). Angola has also been active in mediating the conflict between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda.

The country’s commitment to dialogue and conflict resolution has established it as a key political partner in the region. This role was further acknowledged when the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, was named champion of peace and reconciliation on the continent by the African Union (AU) last year, a testament to both his and Angola’s efforts in promoting peace.

The impact of Angola’s political stabilization efforts has also been recognized globally. The outgoing leader of the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU), Portuguese Duarte Pacheco, lauded Angola’s effective peace achievement after prolonged conflicts. Pacheco’s remarks came during the 147th General Assembly of the IPU hosted by Luanda, which saw participation from over a thousand Members of Parliaments from 179 affiliated parliaments.

Pacheco praised Angola’s handling of its peace process and expressed hope that nations and communities in conflict worldwide would find similar lasting political-diplomatic solutions.

Angola’s contributions are particularly crucial given the ongoing security challenges in Africa, including persistent conflicts, terrorism, unconstitutional government changes, humanitarian crises, and human rights violations.

To further promote understanding and peace, Angola is hosting the Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace – Luanda Biennial 2023. This event, co-organized by the Government of Angola, the AU, and UNESCO, aims to discuss violence prevention, conflict resolution, and topics related to education, science, economics, and climate change. The forum, which will run from the 22nd to the 24th, includes representatives from governments, civil society, and international organizations. It will feature six panels covering various themes, including youth roles in peace promotion, gender equality, women’s roles in peace processes, and climate change.

The Luanda Biennial 2023 serves as a platform for comprehensive approaches to peace and reconciliation, emphasizing cultural exchange, intergenerational dialogue, and gender equality promotion. Its objectives align with the African Union’s aspirations for an integrated, peaceful, and prosperous Africa.

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