AFEMIB Empowers 50 Women and Youth in Boudry with Entrepreneurship and Financial Training

GANZOURGOU — The Association of Women in the Mining Sector of Burkina (AFEMIB) recently facilitated an intensive three-day training session on entrepreneurship and financial education for 50 women and young people in the commune of Boudry. The training, which took place from July 3 to 5, 2024, aimed to enhance the economic skills and opportunities for participants involved in local mining and agricultural sectors.

According to Burkina Information Agency, President of AFEMIB, the training was conducted by Kouilga Aubin Kabré from the What You Need (WYN) firm and covered key topics such as entrepreneurship, simplified business management, budgeting, savings, credit, and taxation. Held in the meeting room of Boudry town hall, the event marked the commencement of the Project to Support the Strengthening of Land and Mines Management (PARGFM), with notable support from PARGFM’s representative, Ms. Roberta Savadogo/Dalla, and WYN’s general director, Aboubakari Ouédraogo.

The initiative was sparked by a diagnostic study that identified a crucial lack of essential management skills among women and youth in ten localities with artisanal mining sites. This gap underscored the need for targeted training to bolster their capabilities in handling economic activities effectively.

Participants expressed keen interest in the training modules and voiced gratitude towards AFEMIB and PARGFM for the educational opportunity. Some attendees have already started applying their new skills in gardening and artisanal gold mining, and they have requested further support in the form of equipment to enhance their new ventures. In response, Ms. Kabré/Kaboré highlighted that further training sessions are planned to deepen specific professional skills, and negotiations with PARGFM are ongoing to secure the necessary equipment.

This training in Boudry is one of ten similar sessions planned across mining sites in Burkina Faso, reflecting AFEMIB and PARGFM’s dedication to empowering rural women and youth to contribute actively to local development with enhanced entrepreneurial and financial acumen.

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