Windhoek Sees High Number of Uncollected ID Cards Amid Election Preparations

WINDHOEK: The Ministry of Home Affairs has reported that a significant number of identification cards remain uncollected, with figures reaching nearly 80,000 since their print date last year.

According to Namibian Press Agency, addressing a Cabinet Committee Briefing on Thursday, out of over 300,000 identification cards printed since November 18, 2021, approximately 77,000 have not been retrieved by the applicants. Kawana emphasized the importance of collecting these IDs, especially with elections on the horizon, underscoring the role of identification in facilitating citizens’ participation in the democratic process.

The minister also commented on the streamlined efficiency of the ID card production system, noting the reduction in processing time from several months to just five days. He assured that in urgent situations, the ministry is capable of issuing an ID card within a day.

Further elaborations by Kawana included the success of the visa upon arrival initiative, which he credits for a boost in tourism. The ministry has implemented an online application system for tourist and work visas, simplifying the process and allowing direct entry into the country. Kawana mentioned the added financial integrity this system brings, with funds from the online applications being transferred straight into the State revenue account, bypassing the need for cash transactions and ensuring transparent accounting.