Ukrainian President Zelensky States Now Is Not the Time for Elections

Kyiv – Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has declared that the current wartime conditions in Ukraine are not suitable for holding elections, urging a halt to societal discussions on this topic. In a video message released on his Telegram channel, Zelensky emphasized the irresponsibility of lightly introducing the subject of elections into society during such challenging times.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the focus should be on national defense and unity, and he advised that the State has capable structures to address political discussions and provide necessary responses to society. He stressed the importance of ceasing political divisions and concentrating efforts on defense.

The discussion on potentially organizing elections in Ukraine has intensified recently. Reports suggest that authorities are preparing for a presidential election in the spring of 2024. Legislative elections were scheduled for October, with presidential elections to follow next spring. However, according to the Constitution, elections cannot occur under martial law conditions. Zelensky has consistently stated that presidential elections can only take place after the cessation of hostilities.

Despite this, Western partners of Kyiv, who have significantly increased arms deliveries and financial support to Ukraine since the conflict’s onset, have been insisting on holding elections within the planned timelines. In response, Zelensky has adopted a less rigid stance, acknowledging the difficulties of organizing elections during wartime and even proposing U.S. financing for the electoral process if deemed a principle by Washington.

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