Tsumeb Copper Festival Launches to Bolster Business and Tackle Unemployment

TSUMEB: The launch of the 10th Copper Festival in Tsumeb has been announced, with the primary aim of fostering new business ventures to aid local residents in combatting unemployment and poverty, as shared by the town’s mayor.

According to NAMPA, speaking at the official opening on Thursday, the festival is aligned with the nation’s broader economic objectives, as encapsulated in its development strategies. The theme of this year’s event underscores a commitment to promoting entrepreneurship as a pathway to sustainable growth and self-reliance for the region and Namibia as a whole.

Hangula pointed out the festival’s historical success in drawing a vast array of visitors and exhibitors, acknowledging the integral role of the various educational and socioeconomic activities it includes. His vision for Tsumeb involves transforming the town into an industrial hub for the Oshikoto Region, and he urges the local population to seize the growth opportunities presented.

In conjunction with Hangula’s address, Dundee Precious Metals (DPM) Managing Director Zebra Kasete conveyed his perspective that fostering sustainable entrepreneurship is essential for unlocking new economic prospects and securing a prosperous future for Tsumeb’s community. He emphasized that achieving sustainability in Namibia’s entrepreneurial landscape necessitates a fundamental change in attitude.

Kasete outlined the current entrepreneurial possibilities in Tsumeb, ranging from technical and vocational business startups, like plumbing services, to agro-processing ventures such as producing tomato sauce from locally grown tomatoes. Highlighting DPM’s commitment to community partnership, he encouraged a collaborative effort in advancing Tsumeb’s economic development.

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