Training for Community Leaders on Environmental Conservation in Narok

Narok South Sub County – Community leaders from Loita and Naroosura wards in Narok South Sub County have participated in an environmental training session, sponsored by the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and World Vision. The training, held in a Narok hotel, featured Maasai Mara University’s environmental expert Festus Barchok, who emphasized the role of community leaders in spearheading tree planting initiatives for environmental conservation.

According to Kenya News Agency, trees offer numerous benefits to the environment, and he encouraged the utilization of the ongoing rains for tree planting on individual farms. The session was attended by a diverse group of community leaders, including youth, religious leaders, and village elders. They were also introduced to Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), which involves planting drought-resilient crops and adopting agricultural practices that minimize environmental damage and reduce destruction.

Lydia Mashori, a farm expert from the Ewaso Ngiro South Development Authority (ENSDA), urged the leaders to advocate for keeping fewer livestock in their communities as part of CSA practices. She highlighted the detrimental effects of overgrazing, including desertification, which result from the traditional practice of maintaining large herds of livestock.

Jared Otieno, a Natural Resource Management officer at World Vision, explained that the training aimed to assist communities in Naroosura and Loita ward in restoring forests and conserving their environment. He challenged the community leaders to develop strategic plans for forest restoration.

Moses Naeku, a community leader from Naroosura, expressed that the training had a significant impact on the participants. He mentioned that they are now equipped to educate their respective communities about the importance of afforestation. Naeku also called on farmers to adopt organic farming methods, such as crop rotation and the use of manure, to protect the environment.

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