Tougan Launches Market Gardening Campaign for 250 Internally Displaced Women

Tougan – Salif Traoré, the High Commissioner of Sourou province, officially launched the second market gardening campaign on Thursday, October 19, 2023. This project, initiated by the Ibrahim Zina Foundation, aims to support 250 internally displaced women in Tougan.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the founder of the initiative, the project’s goal is to provide income sources for displaced women who have faced significant challenges since arriving in Tougan. The project is particularly focused on addressing the shortage of vegetables in the Tougan market, which has been under blockade since January 2023.

Mr. Zina explained that the market gardening activities are conducted on his own land, covering an area of 2 hectares equipped with an 8m3/h borehole and wells near the “Kassanko” backwater. The first campaign, starting in February 2023, involved 150 internally displaced people in Tougan. This number has since increased, with approximately a hundred more joining in the second campaign.

Participants work in groups of seven, each managing a 550m2 area under the guidance of agricultural agents. They have the flexibility to choose the type of vegetables they wish to cultivate.

Salimata Drabo, speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, expressed gratitude to the foundation. She conveyed the women’s dedication to embracing the activity wholeheartedly. Their testimonies during the event shed light on the positive impact of the first campaign.

Salif Traoré, the High Commissioner of Sourou province, lauded the initiative as a valuable contribution to the government’s efforts. He encouraged the women to fully engage in this production activity and highlighted the readiness of administrative authorities and technical services to offer support.

The foundation’s president noted the project received substantial material and financial assistance from Tougan traders, transporters, and other supporters. A significant announcement at the event was the financial backing promised by the Amicale des Clubs PMUB de Ouahigouya for the market gardening activity.

Additionally, the foundation has provided training and resources for poultry farming to these women. The ceremony concluded with blessings from traditional notables, marking a hopeful start to the campaign.