Tcheriba Wins School Sports Trophy in Thrilling Football Finale

TCHERIBA, MOUHOUN — The Basic Education District of Tcheriba celebrated the close of its annual sports and cultural season on Saturday, May 4, 2024, with the Wézala school clinching the football trophy in a dramatic penalty shootout. The final, held in the village of Tikan, ended in a 5-4 victory over Zekuy school following a 1-1 tie in regular play.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the Wézala school team, which participated in a tightly contested match, was awarded the 2024 season trophy after prevailing in the penalty shootout. In addition to the trophy, they received 30,000 FCFA, a football, a set of jerseys, and other special prizes. The runner-up team received 25,000 FCFA, a trophy, and jerseys.

The competition extended beyond football, featuring other athletic contests such as sprinting, long jump, and wrestling, with prizes for these events ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 FCFA. The event underscored the theme ‘sport and culture, patriotic grounds for a resilient school’, emphasizing the role of sports in fostering a sound mind in a sound body among students.

Event sponsor Mr. Issa P. Baoula expressed satisfaction with the execution of this year’s event and lauded the community’s strong turnout. Educational and local authorities, including Mr. Jean-Marie Vianney Ouaro and Mr. Ouesseni Logoro, highlighted the event’s success in promoting unity among students from various localities.