Statement by the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alexandros Papaioannou regarding the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs’ statements during his private visit to Thrace

Greece, being a state governed by the rule of law, remains firmly committed to International Law and the protection of human rights.

Greece fully implements its obligations under the Treaty of Lausanne, which explicitly and clearly refers to a Muslim minority in Thrace.

The Muslim Minority in Thrace numbers approximately 120,000 Greek citizens.

Turkey’s continuous efforts to distort reality, as well as its claims alleging lack of protection of these citizens’ rights or discrimination, are unfounded and are rejected in their entirety.

Greece would welcome the improvement of its relations with Turkey. However, the respect for International Law is a prerequisite.

We call on Turkey to respect these fundamental rules, including the Treaty of Lausanne, which it has also signed and is obliged to implement.