Sahel Region’s Educational Directorate Hosts Guidance Days for Exam Winners

DORI — In a move aimed at better preparing students for their future educational and career paths, the regional directorate of post-primary and secondary education (DRES) of the Sahel organized information, educational and professional guidance days in Dori. This initiative, focused on the winners of the CEP, BEP, BEPC, and Baccalaureate exams of the 2024 session, seeks to aid students in making informed decisions regarding their educational and professional futures.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the regional director of post-primary and secondary education in the Sahel, the mismatch between graduates’ profiles and job market demands has been a significant factor in the employment struggles faced by many young people in the region. He highlighted that a lack of proper guidance has often led to high failure rates within educational and university structures. Mr. Porgo stressed the importance of providing adequate information about various educational tracks and corresponding job opportunities to help new exam winners navigate their potential career paths effectively.

The guidance days, which are scheduled for July 8 and 9, 2024, will feature several conferences on topics such as higher education opportunities post-baccalaureate, the benefits of technical and vocational training, and how to utilize the Campus Faso online registration platform. Lieutenant-Colonel Fabien Rodolphe Sorgho, the governor of the Sahel region, has encouraged both students and parents to engage actively with the event. He emphasized the need for parents to support their children’s aspirations and choices, underscoring the importance of making ambitious yet well-informed decisions.

The event is sponsored by the Director General of the Private Press Support Fund, represented by Mr. Amadou Diallo, who expressed hopes that the guidance days would open significant opportunities for the attendees. The success rates for the recent exam session in the Sahel region were notable, with 83.49% for CEP, 64.06% for BEP, 47.73% for BEPC, and 62.01% for the baccalaureate, reflecting a strong performance across various educational levels.

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