QA Venue Solutions: Elevating Event Management in Africa

KIGALI: Uwase Mutimura, a spokesperson for QA Venue Solutions, outlines the company’s mission to host high-caliber events across Africa, emphasizing the recent coup of bringing Boyz II Men to perform in Rwanda.

According to Africa News Agency, QA Venue Solutions operates with the objective of transforming African venues into profitable and dynamic event locations. The company, headquartered in South Africa and with offices in Rwanda and Senegal, manages arenas and seeks to revolutionize both programming and profitability. Beyond concerts, the company’s endeavors include collaborations with companies like the NBA to expand their African presence. In partnership with Rwanda’s BK Group, QA Venue Solutions aims to enhance the profile and utility of venues such as the BK Arena.

While exact figures were not disclosed, the impact of events like the FIFA Congress in March 2023 is cited as having significant economic benefits, filling hotels and spilling over into various sectors, from catering to tourism. Looking forward, QA Venue Solutions is preparing for the Global Citizen event concluding 2023 and anticipates a robust calendar of events for 2024.

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