President Ibrahim Traoré Pledges to Prioritize Children’s Development in Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the Head of State of Burkina Faso, reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring the well-being of Burkinabe children, emphasizing the importance of their growth in a peaceful environment, access to quality education, and nutritional needs, even amidst the challenging security situation in the country.

According to Burkina Information Agency, speaking directly with 234 children at the Koulouba presidential palace in Ouagadougou on Monday, as part of World Children’s Day celebrations, President Traoré focused on the future of the country’s children. He stressed the importance of values such as patriotism, solidarity, civic-mindedness, and respect for elders in their upbringing.

Traoré outlined his administration’s efforts to create modern schools and educational facilities, aiming to provide an environment conducive to learning. He also spoke about his government’s fight against terrorism, emphasizing that it is intended to protect children’s rights to life and education.

The President mentioned plans for career centers and educational and recreational spaces for children of soldiers who have fallen at the front and those living with disabilities. He highlighted the objective of making education free in Burkina Faso to ensure all children have access to schooling.

In addition to education, Traoré spoke about a mother-child hospital project for healthcare and his commitment to food self-sufficiency, particularly for the well-being of children. The President reassured that the management of the country’s resources is geared towards ensuring the children’s right to food.

He also mentioned the ongoing revision of various texts to enhance the rights of future generations in Burkina Faso. Captain Traoré encouraged the children to fulfill their duties for the development of Burkina Faso, emphasizing their role as future leaders.

World Children’s Day, established in 1954, is a global observance dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of children worldwide.