Paul Daumont Focuses on Overall Victory Over Stage Wins in Tour du Faso’s Final Days

BOROMO — In the final phases of the Tour du Faso, current yellow jersey holder Paul Daumont has shifted his strategy from chasing stage wins to conserving his lead in the overall classification.

According to Burkina Information Agency, Daumont articulated his tactical pivot following the Koudougou-Boromo stage on Thursday. Despite a commendable sixth-place finish in the day’s race, he indicated that his primary focus has now moved to maintaining his advantage in the general classification as the event approaches its conclusion.

Daumont acknowledged the complex dynamics of the race, noting the alliances formed among rival teams aiming to unsettle his position. He emphasized the need for strategic racing, suggesting that intelligence on the track is crucial to evade the traps set by competitors, particularly pointing out the aggressiveness of the Cameroonian team within the peloton.

With the overarching goal of retaining the yellow jersey until the final day, Daumont cautioned against expending too much energy in the forthcoming stages, hinting at the importance of resource management in endurance events such as this. He signalled his intention to prioritize holding the lead through the eighth stage in Bobo-Dioulasso, even if it means forgoing further stage victories.

The seventh stage, spanning from Koudougou to Boromo, was clinched by Moroccan rider El Arbaoui Adi, with Belgians Van De Mieroop and Wouters Rutger trailing in the subsequent positions. Daumont, who has garnered a 22-second lead over the Belgian runner-up Wouters and a 1-minute margin over Moroccan cyclist Achraf Ed-Dohmy, remains the frontrunner.

The riders are set to face a 102-kilometer challenge in Bobo-Dioulasso, where they will complete a 10.2-kilometer criterion ten times.