Ouagadougou Youth Coalition Renews Road Safety Markings to Enhance Visibility and Prevent Accidents

OUAGADOUGOU – The Burkina-Russia coalition, in collaboration with the African Initiative association, undertook a road safety initiative by renewing the paint on speed bump markers along the Palace Hôtel-Bonheur ville axis on Tuesday. The project aims to enhance the visibility of these traffic calming measures to facilitate safer road usage and prevent accidents.

According to Burkina Information Agency, secretary of the Burkina-Russia coalition, the effort was necessary as many road users are unaware of the significance of existing road signs. “The refreshed ground markings will enable drivers to recognize the presence of speed bumps from a distance, helping to mitigate accident risks,” he stated. Sanfo also mentioned that this year’s focus was on the Palace Hotel-Bonheur-city axis due to the noticeable wear of previous markings. The coalition plans to repaint 11 speed bumps and several pedestrian crossings in the area. Local road user Christian Bado expressed relief over the initiative, noting that two accidents occurred last week on this route alone. “The new paint on these speed bumps will significantly contribute to solving our traffic safety problems,” Bado remarked.