Omuthiya to Receive Periodic Court to Alleviate Case Load

Omuthiya – Judge Orben Sibeya, chairperson of the Namibia Magistrates Commission, announced plans to establish a periodic court in Omuthiya, Oshikoto Region. The initiative aims to alleviate the heavy caseload currently managed by the Ondangwa court. During his visit to the Oshikoto Regional Council in Omuthiya, Sibeya noted that Ondangwa, with over 4,000 cases, has the heaviest caseload in Namibia, with 60 percent of these cases originating from the Omuthiya area.

According to Namibian Press Agency (NAMPA), Sibeya detailed the challenges faced by the Ondangwa court, including case postponements for more than two years and witness memory lapses due to long waiting periods. The establishment of a court in Omuthiya would also reduce travel expenses for those involved in cases. The primary challenge at the moment is securing a venue for the court, with the regional police headquarters being a potential location.

Once operational, a magistrate will be assigned to serve in Omuthiya, either full-time or for two weeks each month, until a permanent structure is established. Consultations with the Namibian Police Force’s Oshikoto regional commander Teopoline Nashikaku and her team are ongoing.

Martinu Kainda, acting chairperson of the Oshikoto Regional Council, expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the community’s desire for justice services to be more accessible to the people of Omuthiya.

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