Omuthiya Mayor Calls for Community Involvement in Town Development

OMUTHIYA: In a significant move towards collaborative governance, the newly re-elected mayor of the Omuthiya Town Council (OTC), Johannes Ndeutepo, is appealing to the town’s residents to actively contribute ideas for the town’s growth and development.

According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), Mayor Ndeutepo made this call during the council’s swearing-in ceremony on Friday. He emphasized the importance of resident cooperation and participation in local economic opportunities, highlighting the town’s challenges with land disputes. Ndeutepo noted that while many of these disputes have been resolved, some are still undergoing processes for resolution, including approvals from various offices.

The mayor pointed out a legislative gap concerning land acquired through traditional means, which lacks clear guidance for local authorities in managing the interests of those occupying such lands. To address this, the OTC is developing a policy to manage land acquired from traditional authorities, aiming to ensure that development and economic activities are not hindered.

Ndeutepo assured that the policy would not aim to displace current inhabitants but would provide a framework to guide the town’s development. He acknowledged the possibility of initial mistakes in this pioneering approach but expressed confidence that these could be rectified by future administrations.

The mayor also stressed the importance of residents continuing to pay their rates and taxes, which are crucial for the council’s ability to deliver services to the community.

In the recent internal elections, along with Ndeutepo’s re-election as mayor, Beata Nashongo was elected as chairperson of the management committee, with Ester Kornelius and Paulus Shimbangala joining as committee members. The positions of deputy mayor and ordinary council member, previously held by members of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), remain vacant due to the IPC councillors’ abstention from council activities following a member’s suspension by Ndeutepo.

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