Nyeri County Battles Landslides Amid Heavy Rainfall

NYERI – Kagongo Village, located in Kamakwa, Mukaro Ward of Nyeri Central Sub County, has been hit by a landslide due to ongoing heavy rainfall across the country. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported in the incident.

According to Kenya News Agency, Youth, Sports and Social Services Joe Ngethi, who assessed the damage in the affected area, the importance of strategic housing placements on higher grounds was emphasized as a measure to counter the threats of landslides. Ngethi committed to providing support to households impacted by the landslide and highlighted the need for increased tree planting to stabilize the ground and enhance the region’s vegetation cover. Engineer Solomon Ngatia, also in attendance, advised the community on the construction of terraces to prevent landslides and urged residents to evacuate areas at risk. The county officials called for vigilance among the populace throughout the rainy season, which is projected to continue until January 2024.

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