North Imenti Constituency Hosts Vibrant Football and Volleyball Tournament

MERU COUNTY, Kenya — The North Imenti Constituency witnessed a showcase of sporting talent as it held a successful football and volleyball tournament, drawing participants and fans from across the region.

According to Kenya News Agency, the weekend event featured teams from various parts of the constituency displaying remarkable skills.

MP Dawood expressed his satisfaction with the level of talent exhibited during the tournament and emphasized the importance of such events in identifying and nurturing young athletes. He highlighted the need for collaborative efforts among stakeholders to develop these talents into sustainable sources of income for the youth.

In a departure from traditional football-centric events, this tournament also included volleyball competitions, which attracted a significant number of spectators. Despite challenges arising from the National Government Constituency Development Fund’s (NGCDF) decision to cease funding sports, Dawood is actively seeking partnerships to continue supporting these vital community events.

The tournament results saw Mwiteria Volleyball Club winning in the men’s category, with Sports Club, Gitimbine, and YMCA securing the subsequent positions. Gachanka triumphed in the women’s volleyball category. The men’s football final featured a tense match between Al Azizia and RCC, ending in a penalty shootout after a goalless draw, although a dispute over a penalty decision left the winner undetermined at the time.

The event not only provided entertainment but also valuable opportunities for young athletes, with winners receiving significant cash prizes and all teams being equipped with complete sports kits.

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