New Leadership Appointed to the National Heroes Council in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya – Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court Martha Koome has sworn in Angwenyi Jimmy Ondieki as the new Chairman of the National Heroes Council, along with Rev. David Lebarleyia as a council member. Ondieki’s term will last three years from October 13, 2023, while Lebarleyia’s appointment is effective from October 27, 2023.

According to Kenya News Agency, Chief Justice Koome highlighted the role of the National Heroes Council in identifying, selecting, recognizing, and honoring national heroes, as well as preserving monuments and sites of significance. She reminded the newly appointed members that their positions represent a commitment to the nation to honor the legacy and sacrifices of Kenya’s heroes.

Koome urged the Council to find ways to honor the courage and sacrifices of national heroes and to ensure their stories continue to inspire and motivate the country towards a bright and promising future. She emphasized that the oath taken by the appointees is a reminder of their duty to serve the nation with dedication and to uphold the law.

The new chairman, Angwenyi, expressed his gratitude to Kenyans and the appointing authority for the opportunity to serve in this significant role. He committed to performing his duties to the best of his abilities, recognizing the importance of the position in shaping the country’s appreciation and recognition of its heroes.

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