New High Commissioner Daouda Sangaré Assumes Office in Passoré Province

Yako — In a formal ceremony on Saturday, Daouda Sangaré was instated as the new High Commissioner of the Passoré province by Kuilga Albert Zongo, the Secretary General of the Northern region.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the transition of authority from the outgoing High Commissioner, Laurent K. Kontogom, to Sangaré was observed by a host of attendees, including friends, colleagues, and representatives from the administrative, military, paramilitary, customary, and religious sectors of Passoré. Kontogom had led the High Commission for nine months and three days before Sangaré’s appointment by the Council of Ministers on October 18, 2023.

The outgoing High Commissioner, referred to affectionately as “The second Amadou Hampaté Ba” for his profound literary and reporting skills, thanked all provincial entities for their support and cooperation. He praised the resilience of the local population amid security challenges in certain villages and commended the Volunteer Defense Forces (VDP) and the Security and Defense Forces (FDS) for their patriotic determination which restored peace in areas bordering Nayala, Sourou, and Zondoma provinces.

Halidou Konfé, representing the directors and department heads of Passoré, lauded Kontogom’s attributes, including loyalty and a capacity for dialogue, and acknowledged his effective leadership and collaborative spirit during his tenure. He assured Sangaré of the same comprehensive support from the province’s leadership.

Sangaré acknowledged the weight of his new responsibilities, emphasizing the need for commitment, self-sacrifice, perseverance, and strategic actions to foster development in Passoré. He stressed that collaborative efforts are essential for the success of his mission.

The Secretary General of the Northern region relayed the Governor’s appreciation to Laurent K. Kontogom for his accomplished service and urged local authorities to extend their support to Sangaré.

The ceremony also noted Kontogom’s next assignment as High Commissioner in Houet and as president of the delegation of the commune of Bobo-Dioulasso. Prior to his new role in Passoré, Sangaré had served in several administrative capacities across Burkina Faso.