Narok South Farmers Seize Seasonal Rains for Timely Crop Cultivation

Narok, Kenya – In Narok South Sub County, farmers are utilizing the current seasonal rains to cultivate fast-growing crops, anticipating an early and plentiful harvest in the coming year.

According to Kenya News Agency, during a visit to Loita ward, it was observed that the local farmers were actively planting beans, potatoes, and green peas—crops known to thrive and mature swiftly in the region. Benson Kupai, a local farmer, expressed confidence in the rainfall forecast, which predicted above-average precipitation. “We have been facing numerous challenges in recent years, with erratic rainfall patterns affecting our crops. The onset of the anticipated El Niño rains brings a sense of relief and a renewed hope in farming,” he stated.

The cultivation of these crops is expected to significantly enhance food security in the county, as they are a staple in the local diet. “A successful planting season will not only benefit us but will also contribute to the overall food production in Narok County and Kenya at large,” Kupai added, highlighting the broader impact of a prosperous farming period.

Historically dependent on the long rains commencing in March for their agricultural activities, the Loita region farmers have had to adapt to changing weather patterns. Robert Soompe, another farmer, shared his expectation for improved crop yields next year due to the expansion in cultivated areas.

The local government has been supportive, providing extension officers to impart best farming practices and ensuring the availability of certified seeds. Peter Karanja, the Narok County Director of Meteorological Services, corroborated the farmers’ positive outlook, confirming that most parts of the county are forecasted to experience enhanced rainfall. Karanja also warned of isolated storms likely to occur in Trans Mara and Loita areas, with frequent showers and thunderstorms expected across various locales.

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