Narok County Official Encourages Youth to Tap into Government Funds for Business Ventures

NAIROK COUNTY – In a call to action, Keiyian Ward Administrator Moses Magiro urged the young population, along with individuals with disabilities and women, to harness government funds for self-empowerment by engaging in small-scale enterprises.

According to Kenya News Agency, during a youth meeting in the Enasoen area of Trans Mara West Sub County, Magiro outlined the opportunity for unutilized governmental funds to be a catalyst for socioeconomic improvement among the youth and other community members. He emphasized the potential benefits of group initiatives in sectors like agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Magiro encouraged the formation of registered collectives to access resources provided by various government funds designed to empower community-driven development. These funds include the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF), the Youth Enterprise Fund, the Women Enterprise Fund, and the Uwezo Fund.

In his address, Magiro advised that unity and cooperation among the youth could significantly address societal challenges, including crime and violence, by channeling their collective energy into productive ventures. He further called on graduates to apply their university-acquired skills towards inventive and entrepreneurial solutions.

Adding to the narrative, Patrick Nchamusi, Chairman of the Naretunoi Youth Development Group, inspired peers to demonstrate societal leadership. He shared the group’s success in pooling resources, showcasing their savings strategy for a sugarcane farming initiative, which underscores the viability of collective financial efforts even amidst economic challenges.

Nchamusi’s testimony underscored the tangible outcomes of youth collaboration, with the group’s savings on track to enable the commencement of their agricultural project in the following year.

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