Nakuru Itare Dam Construction Slated to Resume, National Government Takes Charge

Nakuru — The national government has announced that construction of the Sh38 billion Itare Dam will recommence within the next three to four months after a period of cessation, signaling a major advancement in water infrastructure development in the region.

According to Kenya News Agency, during a site visit in Sachang’wan, the resumption is a crucial step toward improving water supply for the people of Nakuru and neighboring communities. Mwamachi emphasized the project’s deep-rooted benefits and its potential to transform the local area’s access to water.

The project, as informed by DCC Mwamachi, has pledged to employ 70 percent of its workforce from the local Nakuru populace, a strategy designed to bolster the community’s employment rate while keeping the benefits of the dam’s construction within the region it is intended to serve.

The Itare Dam, upon completion, is poised to distribute more than 100,000 cubic meters of water per day, directly addressing the acute water shortages in Nakuru County and surrounding locales. The undertaking is projected to positively impact approximately 800,000 residents, underpinning the government’s dedication to mitigating water scarcity and elevating the standard of living through improved infrastructure.

Previously hindered by allegations of corruption and financial difficulties with the contractor CMC Di Ravena, the dam project is now fortified with a Sh 1.2 billion allocation from the government’s Sh 50 billion budgets dedicated to dam construction over the forthcoming three years.

This restart marks a pivotal move towards ensuring reliable access to potable water, aligning with sustainable development goals, and fostering a resilient future for the Nakuru community.