Nakuru County Introduces Improved Sanitation Facilities in Markets

NAKURU – Nakuru County Government has implemented a new initiative aimed at enhancing sanitation across all local markets to improve cleanliness and public health.

According to Kenya News Agency, Speaking at the handover ceremony in Kiamaina ward, Bahati Sub-county, Trade Chief Officer Samwel Ndegwa highlighted the link between well-equipped toilet facilities and the prevention of disease among traders and patrons. Adequate sanitation is essential not only for health but also for providing dignity and privacy, particularly to vulnerable groups such as women, children, and those with specific needs. Ndegwa pointed out that better sanitation facilities are a fundamental component in ensuring food and water safety, reducing the risk of contamination, and fostering safer food handling practices. The move is supported by area MCA Paul Waweru, who noted that improved sanitation could increase market attractiveness to consumers and tourists alike, potentially boosting local business revenue and tax income for the government. Traders have commended the county’s effort, pledging to maintain cleanliness and proper waste disposal. They also anticipate that the improved facilities will provide employment opportunities, particularly for the local youth in managing these amenities and the associated Curio shops. This initiative is part of addressing ongoing health concerns in the markets, especially during the rainy season when conditions have previously deteriorated significantly.

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