Nahouri Province Holds Consultation on Freedom of Association Law

Pô, Burkina Faso – The members of the Provincial Consultation Framework (CCP) of Nahouri convened for their second ordinary session of 2023 on November 16, 2023, in Pô, under the chairmanship of Auguste Kinda, the High Commissioner of the province of Nahouri.

According to Burkina Information Agency, High Commissioner Kinda emphasized that the Consultation Frameworks provide valuable opportunities for decentralized rural development actors to share experiences and harmonize their actions. During the session, which lasted over three hours, participants discussed Law No. 64-2015/CNT on freedom of association, focusing on the obligations of civil society organizations and the uniform act related to cooperative societies’ rights.

The presentations, delivered by the province’s secretary general, Sanfiénalé Joseph Sirima, and the head of the general and legal affairs department of the High Commission of Nahouri, François Ouédraogo, aimed at standardizing practices. These discussions equipped participants with tools to support and oversee associations and cooperative companies in their formation and monitoring.

Koffi Michael Yaméogo, the deputy country representative of the NGO NITIDAE, outlined the NGO’s work in combining environmental preservation with strengthening local economies. Activities in the province include natural resource preservation and capacity building for stakeholders.

Participants pledged to raise awareness and support the implementation of the NITIDAE project within the community. The High Commissioner expressed satisfaction with the discussions, contributions, and commitments, which will aid in processing various files and implementing NITIDAE’s activities in the province. The session was supported by the NGO NITIDAE.