Murang’a Authorities Crack Down on Illicit Alcohol Production

Murang’a — A crackdown by police in Murang’a has led to the confiscation of a significant amount of ethanol and equipment used in the illegal production of liquor. The raid, which occurred in Kahuro Sub County, targeted a residential house that had been transformed into an illicit brewing operation.

According to Kenya News Agency, who led the operation, two individuals were apprehended at the scene, and the primary suspect, a well-known local businessman, is currently being pursued. Mukuria stated that this bust is a crucial step forward in combating the distribution of substandard alcohol in the region.

During the operation, the team seized 680 litres of ethanol, valued at approximately Sh 500,000, and various brands of liquor that were being produced without approval from the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Mukuria revealed that the Kenya Revenue Authority has verified the operation was illegal.

Mukuria issued a warning to the residents against consuming cheap alcoholic beverages, highlighting the risks associated with these potentially harmful products. He noted that standard liquor prices should not fall below Sh100, as confirmed by the association of liquor manufacturers, and cautioned against the dangers of ingesting these illicit brews.

Murang’a County Police Commander David Mathiu also addressed the issue, urging the businessman behind the operation to surrender. Mathiu warned that efforts to apprehend him were intensifying and assured that law enforcement would continue their efforts to eradicate the sale of counterfeit alcohol in the county.

Mathiu also conveyed the broader social impact of the illicit trade, indicating that it has contributed to increased alcoholism among young men in the area and posed serious health risks due to the use of ethanol in liquor production. He disclosed that the suspect runs 19 bars in Kahuro Sub County, many of which are selling these fake alcoholic products.