Mombasa Hosts Junior Gala to Select Swimmers for National Championship

MOMBASA, Kenya — The Mombasa County Swimming Association (MCSA) recently concluded its Junior Gala at the Aga Khan Academy, a crucial event where local swimming clubs and academies vied for placement in the National Junior Swimming Championship set for May.

According to Kenya News Agency, the event drew participation from 245 young swimmers, ages 11 to 14, representing eight teams, all competing for recognition and the chance to advance to a larger competitive arena.

Punian Khanabal of the MCSA outlined the association’s mission to nurture talent at the grassroots level, emphasizing efforts to alleviate financial barriers for participants and provide extensive training opportunities. These initiatives aim to prepare young swimmers for success at the national level, fostering both skill development and competitive spirit.

The competition was stiff, but Mombasa Aquatics distinguished itself by securing the top spot, amassing 167 medals across various categories, demonstrating the team’s depth and talent. Bandari Swim Club and Blue Ocean Swim Club also showed strong performances, finishing in second and third places, respectively, while The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa and Oshwal Academy rounded out the top five.

Highlight performances included Harith Muses of Mombasa Aquatics, who clinched gold in the Boys under 11 category of the 200 Short Course Meter Individual Medley, and Afreen Ahmed from Blue Ocean Swim Club, who topped the Girls’ equivalent. The event also showcased emerging talents in younger age brackets, such as Twalib M. Twalib and Bakhita Karuga, who excelled in the 25-meter breaststroke events.

These individual and team achievements underscore the burgeoning swimming scene in Mombasa and signal promising prospects for Kenyan swimmers at the impending National Junior Championship. The MCSA continues its quest for sponsorship to bolster these young athletes’ journeys, affirming the community’s commitment to elevating swimming as a competitive and celebrated sport in Kenya.

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