Migori Women Receive Vocational Training in Rotary Club Initiative

MIGORI – A group of 100 young women from Migori County are the beneficiaries of a comprehensive training initiative aimed at enhancing their economic self-sufficiency, thanks to a collaborative effort between the Rotary Club of Suna Migori and Rotary International. The training, focusing on various vocational skills, is part of a broader empowerment program valued at over Sh7 million.

According to Kenya News Agency, President of the Suna-Migori Rotary Club, the participants were selected from the county’s eight constituencies to engage in a year-long educational endeavor. The program includes certificate and diploma courses in fields such as food and beverage production and sales, artisanal dressmaking and fashion design, hairdressing, beauty therapy, catering services, salon management, and information and communication technology. These courses are hosted at the Migori Institute of Beauty and Professional Studies, located in the heart of Migori town.

Otieno detailed the financial support from Rotary International, which covered the acquisition of training materials, payment of tuition fees, and student upkeep. The Suna-Migori Rotary Club has overseen the implementation of the training, ensuring the provision and proper use of the required equipment and facilities.

During a visit to the institute, members of the Rotary Club and the press witnessed the progress and enthusiasm of the students. Mary Anyango, one of the trainees from Nyaike Constituency, showcased her skills by presenting a ‘Kenya-African’ design shirt she created just two weeks into her course. Additionally, the visiting team was particularly impressed by the culinary achievements of students in the bakery and catering classes, sampling cakes and samosas prepared as part of their practical training.

Edward Kabaka, the college director, highlighted the timely arrival and utilization of sophisticated equipment funded by Rotary International, which has significantly enhanced the learning experience. He emphasized the importance of such vocational training in addressing the scarcity of formal employment opportunities, advocating for skill development that enables young women to pursue self-employment in their communities.

The initiative marks a significant step toward empowering women in Migori County, providing them with the skills and knowledge to forge independent livelihoods and contribute positively to their local economy.

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