Meru County Advances in Diabetes Care Through Innovative Mwanga Access Programme

MERU COUNTY – In a significant stride toward combating diabetes, Meru County has marked considerable progress with the Mwanga Access Programme, a collaborative effort involving Roche Diabetes Care, Medtronic Labs, NCD Alliance Kenya, and the county government. The initiative has already made notable advances in diabetes screening and education, signaling a promising direction in public health for the region.

According to Kenya News Agency, Head of Global Commercial Organisation at Roche Diabetes Care, the Mwanga Access Programme is an exemplary model of how public-private partnerships can effectively address non-communicable diseases like diabetes. Since its inception in November 2022, the programme has screened over 18,000 individuals and provided comprehensive diabetes management training to over 200 people. Its aim is to encompass 35,000 individuals by December 2024, implementing preventive and early intervention strategies to combat the rising tide of diabetes and pre-diabetes in Kenya.

The success of the programme is underscored by its significant outcomes: enrollment of 1,475 patients for specialized care, identification of 539 diabetic individuals, and the establishment of a robust digital tracking system that has achieved notable follow-up and glycemic control rates. Furthermore, the initiative has trained 60 healthcare professionals in comprehensive diabetes care and empowered 22 individuals with diabetes and hypertension to advocate for effective non-communicable disease control and increased budgetary allocations at the county level.

NCD Alliance Kenya Executive Director Catherine Karekezi praised the Mwanga Access Programme for its holistic approach to diabetes care, emphasizing the importance of community involvement and early detection. Medtronic LABS’ Eric Angula also highlighted the role of digital infrastructure in enhancing patient monitoring and management, reflecting the programme’s commitment to fostering improved health outcomes and community empowerment in Meru County.

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