Merille Mixed Secondary School Benefits from Sh 30 Million Investment in Education

MARSABIT – In a significant boost to educational infrastructure, Merille Mixed Secondary School in Marsabit County has received Sh 30 million worth of projects from the Kenya Dryland Education Fund (KDEF), as part of a collaborative effort to enhance educational and socio-economic development in arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs). The handover event was led by the Principal Secretary for ASALS and Regional Development, Kello Harsama, marking a milestone in community support and educational progress.

According to Kenya News Agency, these projects signify a crucial partnership between the government and non-governmental organizations like KDEF, emphasizing the role of collaborative initiatives in achieving the government’s development agendas. He highlighted the Livestock for Fees program, an innovative scheme that leverages the region’s livestock resources to fund education, reflecting a sustainable model that intertwines economic empowerment with educational access.

The Merille School Water Project was another critical component of the handover, aiming to provide a reliable water supply to the school and surrounding community. This project is expected to significantly enhance the health and hygiene standards, contributing to a conducive learning environment.

Additionally, the unveiling of a new science laboratory and a boys’ dormitory, equipped with essential amenities and facilities, demonstrates KDEF’s commitment to nurturing a holistic educational experience. The donation of 50 lockers and chairs further enriches the school’s infrastructure, promoting a supportive academic atmosphere.

In a substantial commitment to educational access, KDEF has pledged bursaries for 1,400 students at Merille Mixed Secondary School, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder students’ educational pursuits. This initiative underscores KDEF’s dedication to fostering educational equity and supporting the aspirations of the region’s youth.

PS Harsama expressed his gratitude to KDEF and its founder and CEO, Ahmed Kura, for their relentless efforts and advocacy in education. He affirmed the government’s dedication to partnering with organizations like KDEF to enhance educational opportunities across Kenya.

In turn, KDEF’s Ahmed Kura reiterated the organization’s commitment to collaborating with the government and other stakeholders, emphasizing the collective aim of ensuring every child’s right to education. This partnership between KDEF and the Merille community exemplifies the potential for transformative change through strategic investment in education and community development.

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