Makueni County Launches Agricultural Training Center to Enhance Farming Skills and Boost Food Security

Makueni, Kenya – The Makueni County government has inaugurated a new Agricultural Training Centre at Kwa Kathoka, aiming to bolster agricultural production and enhance food security in the region. The center is strategically located about 17 kilometers from Wote Town in Makueni sub-county and is set to become a hub for agricultural education and skills development.

According to Kenya News Agency, Joyce Mutua, the training facility will provide advisory and extension services to local farmers. The center is also designed to offer capacity-building and field programs in horticulture, dairy, poultry, and Agribusiness farming techniques, targeting both farmers and the youth in the region. Mutua highlighted that the first batch of 52 students reported to the institution on Monday, and the center plans to build capacity for 420 farmers in organized groups every week.

The initiative is a significant step towards improving agricultural practices and production on local farms. Trainees with practical agribusiness plans will also benefit from seed capital provided by the county to support their businesses. The training center is accredited by TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) to offer certificate courses and serves as a demonstration site for various farming practices.

Mutua also mentioned that the government has collaborated with investors to provide affordable housing for students near the training center. This development is expected to drive economic growth in the area, benefiting both the students and the local community through job opportunities and increased market activity.

The County Executive for Education and ICT, Elizabeth Muli, emphasized that the Makueni Agricultural Vocational and Training Center is part of a broader strategy to focus on agricultural technical training institutes. This approach is aimed at securing food security and promoting sustainable agribusiness in the country.

Local businesses have already started to feel the positive impact of the training center. Businesswoman Mary Wamaitha noted a significant increase in her hotel business, attributing the growth to the influx of students and staff from the institution. Another local trader, MaryAnn Sammy, also expressed optimism about the economic prospects the training center brings to the area. She called on the government to further improve infrastructure in the area to attract more investors.

The Makueni Agricultural Training Center represents a proactive approach by the county government to invest in agriculture, equipping farmers with modern skills and knowledge to enhance productivity and ensure food security in the region.