Laikipia Tree Growers Offer Seedlings for National Planting Drive

Laikipia, Kenya – In a move to support the national tree planting initiative scheduled for Monday, tree growers in Laikipia County have offered to supply the government with seedlings. This gesture was announced in Nanyuki town by local farmers who see this as an opportunity to promote their business and improve their livelihoods.

According to Kenya News Agency, the farmers, such as Nanyuki-based Daniel Karanja, are looking for government support to purchase their seedlings, which they believe will enhance their income and create job opportunities for the youth. They have over 100,000 tree seedlings ready for the upcoming special tree planting holiday.

Harison Mundia, another tree farmer from Nanyuki, emphasized the importance of government purchases in enabling them to recover their investments and support their families. The growers also highlighted the need for capacity building among residents on how to nurture trees to maturity, pointing out a general lack of knowledge in this area.

Laikipia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri revealed plans to plant about 4.3 million trees during the Monday holiday, with strategies focusing on engaging residents at the grassroots level. He appealed to residents to participate actively in the tree planting exercise, which will be conducted across the county.

Kanyiri noted the government’s commitment to restoring degraded lands and combating climate change through tree planting. He called for partnerships from various stakeholders in the county, including ranchers and floriculture farmers, to allocate portions of their land for tree planting. This initiative is in line with the president’s directive to plant 15 billion tree seedlings countrywide by 2032.