Laikipia County Initiates Chapter to Aid Street Families

NANYUKI – In a significant move to tackle the issue of homelessness, the government has launched the Laikipia County Street Families Chapter, aiming to provide comprehensive support and rehabilitation for those living on the streets. The initiative, unveiled in Nanyuki, is set to address the specific needs and challenges faced by street families in the region.

According to Kenya News Agency, the new chapter is a response to the pressing need for innovative strategies to assist street families, ensuring their successful reintegration into society. Muli emphasized the importance of collaboration and collective responsibility in operationalizing the chapter, especially in urban areas like Nanyuki, Rumuruti, and Nyahururu, which are most affected by this issue.

Laikipia County Director of Children Services Tom Ochieng’ shared insights into the scale of the problem, noting that over 300 street families in the county predominantly originate from impoverished and unstable backgrounds. Many of these individuals face compounded challenges such as substance abuse, illness, and lack of stable family support, which necessitate tailored intervention strategies.

Ochieng’ highlighted the urgent need for a multi-faceted approach to support street families, including financial assistance, educational opportunities, parental accountability, and drug enforcement measures. The establishment of the Laikipia Street Families Chapter, backed by the Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, aims to coordinate and enhance rehabilitation efforts, offering hope and practical solutions to those in need.

During the chapter’s launch, Jackson Mwita, a program officer with the Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund, called for increased collaboration and resource mobilization among stakeholders to ensure the success of this initiative. The goal is to connect street families with social protection programs that promote self-sufficiency and independence, addressing both immediate and long-term needs.

The initiative in Laikipia follows a recent census by the Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund, which revealed significant numbers of street families across Kenya, with Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Meru being notably affected. The Laikipia chapter aims to set a precedent for effective local action against the challenges faced by street families, marking a critical step toward their empowerment and societal reintegration.

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