KNCCI Supports Bottom-Up Economic Model

Narok North Sub County – The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KNCCI) has expressed its support for the bottom-up economic model implemented by the Kenya Kwanza administration. KNCCI president Dr. Erick Ruto, speaking at a thanksgiving ceremony in Naisoya, Narok North Sub County, for newly elected South Rift region KNCCI Director David Mpatiany, emphasized the model’s potential to empower small-scale businesses and contribute to a prosperous nation.

According to Kenya News Agency, Dr. Ruto highlighted KNCCI’s role in supporting government programs and providing solutions to grow the economy. The event, attended by Narok County Commissioner Isaac Masinde, Narok North Member of Parliament Agnes Pareyio, Narok County Assembly Speaker Davis Dikirr, and other KNCCI directors, also featured prayers led by Dominion Chapel Bishop Peter Ole Supeyo.

Ruto reiterated KNCCI’s commitment to empowering traders by linking them to international markets and supporting business expansion. He expressed a specific interest in assisting the Maa community to professionalize their bead and meat businesses for greater profit through international market connections. He also stressed the importance of the business community fulfilling their national duty of paying taxes to develop the nation.

County Assembly Speaker Davis Dikirr called on KNCCI to provide soft loans to small-scale traders, enabling them to expand their businesses to international standards. He acknowledged that the business community extends beyond urban centers, including farmers and artisans.

County Commissioner Isaac Masinde commended KNCCI for promoting peace and resolving traders’ issues amicably, particularly during the election period. The newly elected KNCCI Director Mpatiany called for a cooperative relationship between traders and the county government to attract more investors. He promised to support the business community through training, soft loans, and international market connections, emphasizing collaborative efforts with the county government to empower local businesses.