Kisumu Community Leaders Urge Formation of Security Groups Amidst Rising Crime

Kisumu, Kenya — Community leaders in Kisumu County are calling for urgent action to combat rising insecurity, including the formation of vigilante or community security groups.

According to Kenya News Agency, Mr. Benson Adega, there has been a disturbing increase in thefts and gangster activities, particularly in Mamboleo. The local residents are concerned about the escalating crime rates, highlighted by a recent robbery at an MPESA shop that resulted in fatal consequences. This incident, as Adega highlighted, took place in close proximity to a police post, causing dismay among the populace.

Adega has reached out to the police leadership and Dr. Raymond Omollo, the PS Interior, to take decisive action against the surge of robberies and criminal activities affecting many parts of Kisumu County. In addition to law enforcement measures, Adega also urged provincial administration members to consider the establishment of local vigilante groups to supplement the efforts of the police in safeguarding the community.

The call to form vigilante groups comes as a response to the apparent helplessness of residents when faced with armed thieves, indicating a pressing need for community-led initiatives to bolster security in the county.

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